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Winner of multiple international singing competitions

I've been successful freelance concert and opera singer since 2012.

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Learn to SING on PITCH

This course is tailored for singers aiming to excel by learning basic music theory essentials. Success as a singer means mastering both the vocal and musical aspects.

I’ve streamlined the learning process to ensure simplicity. In just 4-5 weeks, grasp the fundamental knowledge required to pursue university or private singing programs. Join us now!

“Unlock the beauty of music effortlessly with the best music theory for beginners. Learn basic music theory and how to sing on pitch along with solfeggio, harmony, and more in only 5 weeks. Your musical journey starts here..”

*Unlock the World of Music with Ease*

Welcome to “Building the House of Harmony,” a course designed to introduce beginners to the best music theory. Whether you’re an aspiring singer, a music enthusiast, or preparing for music institute entrance exams, this course is your key to unlocking the magic of melody and harmony.

*What You’ll Learn:*

In this 5-part course, you’ll embark on a journey to master the essentials of basic music theory, including solfeggio, harmony, and musical notation. Discover the joy of understanding note names, rhythm, intervals, chords, and even Italian musical terms. This knowledge isn’t just theoretical; it’s your path to becoming a more precise singer and a confident musician.

*Why It’s Unique:*

“House of Harmony” stands out in its simplicity. We’ve stripped away the complexities and made learning basic music theory an effortless experience. No more intimidating textbooks or overwhelming jargon. With our easy-to-follow videos and course book, you’ll grasp the fundamentals of music in just 4-5 weeks.

Prepare to harmonize your way to success with our course, and get ready for a world of musical opportunities. Your journey to mastering the best music theory starts here!

Building the House of Harmony Best music theory course for beginners


Learn to

Embrace yourself for your unique talents

Create healthy boundaries to protect yourself and your career

Overcome performance jitters and remain calm

Move through challenges in the music business with grace

Create your own self-hypnosis mental hygiene recording

Learn the basics of Music Theory easily and effortlessly

This course is tailored for singers who aim to excel in the music business by mastering both the mental game and foundational knowledge of music theory.

Protect Your Most Valuable Assets: Your Voice & Your Mind.

Stay stress-resistant and maintain happiness throughout your career on classical or musical theatre stages by learning key techniques that align with the best music theory for beginners.

“Master the mental challenges of a singing career. Strengthen your resilience and self-worth for success in the music industry by mastering the best music theory  and learning basic music theory..”

*Empower Your Singing Journey*

In “Win the Mental Game for Singers,” discover the key to conquering the mental and theoretical challenges of a singing career. Aspiring and professional singers, this course offers you the mental and theoretical exercise to embrace self-love, resilience, and success. Through the best music theory, you will gain a foundational understanding that is essential for thriving in the music industry.

*What You’ll Learn:*

This 4-week course unveils the mental strength every singer needs while incorporating lessons on basic music theory. From handling rejection and criticism to fostering self-acceptance and thriving in a competitive industry, you’ll master the art of mental resilience and foundational music theory. Taught by a seasoned singer, hypnotherapist, and meditation teacher, you’ll gain insights into thriving in the cutthroat world of professional music, all while mastering the best music theory.

*Why It’s Unique:*

With over a decade of experience, our instructor combines vocal expertise with profound insights into the human mind and essential music theory. Harness the power within, alongside the best music theory, to propel your singing career to new heights. It’s time to win the mental game and learn basic music theory..


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The Instructor

Katrin Targo, M.A. - Soprano, Teacher

I work with singers from all over the world to realize their dream of becoming professional vocalists. In addition to teaching vocal technique, interpretation, and performance skills, I provide guidance on the best music theory for beginners and help them learn basic music theory. My approach not only covers the essentials of vocal performance but also the mindset required for success in the music business. Whether you’re just starting out or refining your skills, learning basic music theory is crucial for a well-rounded foundation.

My Experience

I've been successful freelance concert and opera singer since 2012.

Winner of multiple international singing competitions

Among others, the only female laureate in New York Carnegie Hall in 2016 New York Oratorio Society Competition.

Studied in person with Marisa Peer in London.

Enjoying my life as a freelance classical singer, an educator – and my own boss.


What Our Students Have to Say

Katrin’s lessons are transformative! She offers the best music theory for beginners, making it easy to learn basic music theory and improve my singing skills.
Kelvin Black
From Dallas, USA
Katrin always teaches with great passion for excellence. I always feel like that when I make mistakes then i can get help and feel like i am getting better. also she is very methodical when it comes to making a plan for next time.
Lena Schwan
Katrin's studio offers unparalleled support. I learned to understand and apply the best music theory. Her lessons are insightful and make music theory accessible to everyone.
Frank Jones
From Japan
Thanks to Katrin, I now grasp the best music theory. Her teaching methods are clear and engaging. My vocal and theoretical knowledge has grown significantly!.
Jack Brownn
From London, UK
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